Brad Perry, PhD

Career Overview: Focused on exploring emergent applications of networked information exploitation followed by the transition to fielded applications. 20 years hands-on experience architecting and building intelligent solutions for distributed Internet and Intranet information applications.
04/10-present  Internet Entrepreneur & Freelance Author, Breckenridge CO.
Founder/Creator of 3 highly successful Internet Startups over a 12 year span (Pronto, Semantic Discovery, Easytrieve). Consultant to individuals and companies wanting advice on how to build and grow successful ventures in trying economies.
03/05-04/10  Pronto, Inc, Boulder CO. A shopping comparison, data harvesting & search marketing company.
(Founder) Chief Scientist
Crawling the web to build the most comprehensive comparison shopping engine online.  
09/02-03/05  Semantic Discovery, Boulder CO. A data mining and semantic matching company.
(Founder) Chief Scientist
Inventing and delivering data mining that works... Continuously identifying company "product, service, and capability" information (on the web) and automatically matching it into custom, end-user taxonomies and directories.  
07/02-02/03 XWBL Consulting, Lindon UT.
Director of Development
Directing a small development team assisting ex-Whizbang customers (see below) to complete & launch products and services dependent on Whizbang technologies. Primary application consists of extracting and inferring Patient/Provider Insurance information from unstructured, multi-lingual medical documents.  
[company shutdown] 
Whizbang! Labs, Provo UT. An information extraction company.
Research Scientist & Product Director
Led the definition and creation of Whizbang's document auto-tagging product suite. This product allows users to build and execute information extraction applications using an example-driven machine learning approach. Customer applications included: (a) finding specific monetary amounts in financial documents (revenue, net-income, etc); (b) extracting key fields from unstructured forms (such as invoice amounts, payees, payers, etc); (c) finding all people names and locations in a company's internal document database.

As a research scientist, contributed to Whizbang's core infrastructure of machine learning tools for information retrieval and information extraction, including novel approaches to data classification and identifying & exploiting structure in document collections.  

10/99-03/01  Easytrieve, Inc, Austin TX. An Internet data mining company.
(Founder) CTO, VP of Engineering
Launched and successfully marketed two e-commerce, data harvesting Internet services in 9 months, becoming revenue positive in 12 months. 
Directing efforts in Internet-based content discovery and aggregation services. Architected & launched a next generation B2B electronic recruiting exchange:, utilizing natural language content matching services to automatically align and rank full-text job descriptions to full-text resumes. Architected & launched a lightweight Internet resume aggregation service,, using rule-driven information gathering robots to continuously locate and index resumes from over 65,000 Internet sources.
08/00-06/01 Computer Science Deptartment, University of Texas at Austin
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Taught upper division courses studying trends and techniques in Internet Content Management. Topics included XML trends (XML Repositories, Query, Schema, and Linking technologies) and content management server architectures. 
05/97-12/99 Microelectronics and Computer Technology Consortium (MCC) , Austin TX. An industry R&D consortium.
Responsible for visionary direction, strategic planning, and technology architecture & development in multiple consortial R&D initiatives.
10/98-12/99: Business Intelligence Mining Suite:Technical architect of a team focused on constructing solutions for discovering and mining "business intelligence" from public Internet sources; delivered products performing functions such as 'Patent Invalidation' and 'Competitor Tracking' to MCC customers.
05/97-12/99: InfoSleuth Project:Technical director of 20-30 person R&D project investigating the use of Java-based distributed software agents to find, advertise, and organize information in corporate Intranets and the Web. Responsible for continuous interaction with Fortune 500 member companies to identify and deliver strategic & synergistic R&D activities.
08/97-02/98: Content-based Access to Multimedia:Technical director evaluating and identifying research trends in "multimedia content manipulation" ripe for transition to industry (joint effort between MCC, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Maryland, University of Pittsburgh).
01/93-04/97 Hughes Research Laboratories (HRL) , Malibu CA. A corporate R&D lab.
Member of Research Staff, Doctoral Fellow
Led efforts in evaluating and recommending the use of "network-enabled information access" technologies. Coordinated successful technology transfer of multiple R&D prototypes into Hughes operating business units. Focus areas included distributed & network computing platforms (including CORBA, DCE, mobile TCP, satellite broadcast) and heterogeneous database integration strategies/tools.
Research Liaison
Primary representative and technical liaison for Hughes participation in MCC's consortial information technology programs. 
07/90-01/93 Hughes Aircraft Company, Fullerton CA.
Member of Technical Staff, Masters Fellow
Responsible for design and implementation of embedded real-time expert system technologies. 
01/89-08/89 Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), Red Bank NJ.
Member of Technical Staff, University Cooperative Work Exchange
Implementation and performance analysis of high-performance ISDN distributed call processing switches. 

Background & Interests
Functional experience: distributed Internet applications, database and data warehouse architectures, text & image content analysis, data mining and machine learning.
Business experience: strategic planning, product & project management, technical marketing, eXtreme Programming and related iterative development processes.
Programming Environments: Java, Perl, Python, Javascript, C/C++, LISP.

Ph.D. in Computer Science University of California, Los Angeles.
May 1997 Dissertation: "Dynamically Discovering Similar Resources in Large-scale Information Networks."
Committee: Dr. Wesley W. Chu (Advisor), Dr. Alfonso F. Cardenas, Dr. Richard R. Muntz, Dr. Ricky K. Taira.
Area: Database and Knowledge base Systems
Subfield: Artificial Intelligence 
M.S. in Computer Science University of California, Los Angeles.
Sep 1992 
B.A. in Computer Science University of California, Berkeley.
May 1990 Academic Honors and Award of Special Recognition. 

Whizbang! Labs Whizard of the Year.
Hughes Electronics Doctoral Fellow.
Hughes Aircraft Company Masters Fellow.
University of California, Berkeley: Undergraduate Award of Special Recognition.

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