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Muggsy's autobiography, In the Land of Giants is a must-read for any Muggsy fan. Thanks to Dan Lorimer for telling me about the book. It makes me MORE in awe of Muggsy than I was before (and that's saying a lot)!

Here's a great 1993 article on Muggsy. It's wild to read it and look back to the good old days (well, I thought they were good!) of the Hornets. (11/01/96)

An interesting flashback in time to Muggsy's selection in the '87 draft (01/23/98)


Even though the organization tossed him aside,
should the Hornets retire Muggsy's number?


2001-2002 Season Highlights

Another preseason of surprises...

Have you seen the great IBM Linux commercials with Muggsy and other ex-NBA players? (does this mean Muggsy officially retired? I haven't seen a retirement report so I assume he is available if anyone wants to pick him up... this season has been SO boring without him). The commercial is especially fitting because I am a huge linux advocate! (11/28/02)
Well this is a bummer. Muggsy was waived by the Mavs on opening day. I was really hoping this was going to work out. (10/31/01)
Wow. How's my luck - I lived in Texas the past 4 years, just moved to Salt Lake City last April, and now Muggsy ends up with a Texas team. Muggsy will be joining the Dallas Mavericks. I hope his knee has recovered so he'll see some playing time this year. (08/11/01)

2000-2001 Season Highlights

The regular season is here...

Not surprisingly, Muggsy goes on the injured list in New York. The good news is that he got his #1 jersey back! (02/25/01)
From the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Muggsy is considering retirement because of his chronically bad knee. That's too bad... I just hope everyone remembers that his bad knee is NOT the one that was bad a few years ago... this bad knee happened earlier this season when he was compensating for a groin injury. (02/23/01)
OMIGOD! Muggsy is a Knick! At least he's been reunited with LJ... and thank goodness Patrick is gone because I like to watch the Knicks now. (02/22/01)
With Muggsy still on the injured list, he took a few days off due to personal matters, then later recently rejoined the team. Hope all is ok. (02/21/01)
It's true! Muggsy was activated today! Then a few games later... he went back on the injured list. Bummer. (01/23/01)
Finally - Muggsy might be back this week!. We all sure hope so! (01/23/01)
Wow, it's been a while since we've had any Muggsy news... Muggsy is being inducted into the Wake Forest hall of fame this coming weekend. What a great honor! (01/16/01)
Cool - Muggsy is making his radio debut as he does color for the Raptors-Bulls game today. This is really amazing - Tyus made his radio debut yesterday, and Muggsy does today! (11/26/00)
Report on Muggsy's arthroscopic surgery: the surgeon found a slight tear in his meniscus. I want Muggsy back on the floor for my Christmas present! (11/11/00)
I am severely bummed - Muggsy's right knee is just not getting better and he is slated for arthroscopic surgery and will miss 4-6 weeks. Dang. Here's a nice article that recognizes Muggsy as an emotional leader who can turn around a game. Hope to see you back soon, Muggsy! (11/10/00)
Muggsy shoots for opening day after being sidelined during the preseason with a groin injury followed by right knee pain (not the famous left knee - it's the other one - the groin injury caused Muggsy to overcompensate and it affected his right knee). The big question - will he be wearing #1 or #14 this year? (10/27/00)

1999-2000 Season Highlights

Postseason stuff...

Great description of Muggsy - low-maintenance but high-velocity. I can't wait for the season to start! (09/14/00)
Finally! The Raptors resigned Muggsy to a multiyear deal! Hooray! He is also going to go back to wearing the #1 jersey that we all know and love. Now I really need that jersey! (09/14/00)
Whooooo! Apparently the Raptors are about to give Muggsy a 2 year deal to stay! Two separate articles report it - this is VERY good news. If only they sold a Raptors Muggsy "14" jersey. I need one now! (08/11/00)
Muggsy to impatient Raptors fans: Chill. (08/10/00)
Double Cool. Muggsy really could return to the Raptors. (08/03/00)
Cool. Vince is lobbying that the Raptors re-sign Muggsy. Doesn't hurt to have that kind of backing! (08/03/00)
Well, isn't this interesting... the Hornets might be interested in Muggsy again, in a multi-year deal. Heh, at least this would make my old Charlotte jerseys fashionable again. (06/29/00)
Here are the results of a chat with Muggsy on CNNSI. (06/09/00)
Here are some interesting stats for the past season: 1) Muggsy led the NBA for the 8th time in 12 seasons in the assist-turnover ratio of 5.07. He is still the all-time leader in this category . 2) Toronto is 11-1 when Muggsy scores 10+ points . 3) Toronto is 4-1 when Muggsy starts. 4) Toronto was the only team to have 5 players dish at least 3.0 assists per game . (05/07/00)
Cool! Someone says Bogues has to be re-signed! Hope they meant HAS to be re-signed. (05/03/00)

Hereeeee we go!

Ok, I've calmed down a bit now. I don't think Butch should be fired - he has brought this team a long way this year. Tracy has matured SOOOO much under Butch's wing. I would love to see these guys make another go of it next year. Muggsy is imploring Tracy to return, which is a good sign in itself that (hopefully) Toronto will re-sign Muggsy next season as well. The Raptors are just starting to tap their potential, they have great chemisty and it's time to build on it. "The grass isn't always greener on the other side", Muggsy told Tracy. (05/03/00)
I am so mad right now that there are no words. The Raptors could and should have had Game 3. Sitting both Muggsy and Christie at the end of the game was just plain stupid. Even if Christie had played and Muggsy sat, that would have been ok. But Dee Brown was simply an awful decision. If you wanted someone who could not play point but could shoot 3's, Dell should have been in there. Dell was playing good today and he sat the 2nd half as well. ARGH. (04/30/00)
ARGH. What is Butch doing?!?!?! Dee Brown does not belong in this game. Doesn't Butch realize that even if Muggsy's shooting is cold, he is still running the show and keeping the game close? I swear if the Raps blow it in the last 10 minutes I'm going to vote that Butch be fired too. (04/30/00)
Who will be the next Muggsy Bogues? NO ONE! This is the best article I have seen on Muggsy in a long time: " Muggsy has a splendid combination of smarts and quickness ... a delight to watch on the court... ... one of the most trustworthy ballhandlers in the game... the kind of handling that has coaches drooling, especially in the cauldron of the playoffs where every possession counts... " (04/30/00)
Muggsy explains what he brings to the table when he got the nod for the start. (04/27/00)
After realizing what a big mistake he made overplaying Christie in Game 1, Muggsy will get the start tonight (this article is very complimentary - be sure to read it)! I just hope that Butch realizes that it's not who starts but who finishes the game that matters. I am still shaking my head about Butch pulling Muggsy with 2 minutes to go because I suppose he felt that his starters should finish. Personally, I think it might be good to start slow (i.e. Doug) and lull the Knicks into thinking it would be an easy game, then send in the big guns (i.e. Muggsy) to catch them off guard. Oh well, we shall see! Go Raptors! (04/26/00)
ARGH! I blame this first playoff loss on Butch. First, he waited too long to get Muggsy in to the game when Vince and Tracy were overexcited. But once Muggsy gets into the game he settled the kids down, Muggsy brings the Raptors to a tie (after being down by over 15) with 2 minutes left, Butch puts Christie (the invisible man) back in. And the ball movement totally stops. ARGH. The Raps could have had this game SO easily. Muggsy played great, moved the ball well, and made 2 of 3 three pointers. Even Bill Walton, lover of the big guys, had lots of nice things to say about Muggsy today - including that Muggsy should be in the hall of fame. That was nice (even though listening to Walton grates on my last nerve, it was nice to hear him say this). (04/23/00)
It's a Mugging! as Muggsy starts and steals the show. Maybe this is what the Raptors needed to get out of their slump. (04/11/00)
Just a picture of Muggsy weaving his way through the Cavs. (03/30/00)
I love it, for some reason Butch (bless his heart for refusing to wear a mike - I'm about to chip in to pay his fee!) kept Muggsy out of the rotation in the 2nd half against the Warriors. But then he put Muggsy back in the game, and his first 2 possessions led to back-to-back 3-pointers. And I am totally amazed that Vince just came back onto the floor. God I love these Raptors! Woo-hoo!!! (I just scared one of my dogs yelling WOO-HOO! The game was pretty quiet until just now). It is so awesome how Muggsy has turned this game around! (03/14/00)
It takes perfection to eclipse Vince Carter -- and that is what Muggsy did to quiet those who harumphed when he was signed to Toronto last summer. But then we knew he had it all along... (03/04/00)
Dang, this is so cool. I know I've been quiet for a while but I totally LOVE muggsy with 24 points against the Celtics. Muggsy has been a rebounding machine lately with 7 and 8 rebounds in the last week but this super-shooting night is soooo awesome - Muggsy was PERFECT from the field tonight with 4-for-4 3 point FGs (!!), 6-for-6 overall, and 8-for-8 FTs, woo-hoo Muggs! He still found time to make 5 assists (with no TOs) and even a steal while doing all those other feats. Also I would like to add that Muggsy is a real class act in that he tied his career high of 24 points, had the ball in his hands with 12 seconds to go, and didn't pull an ego trip trying to get more points for himself (unlike the Anthony Bowie triple double from a few years ago). (03/03/00)
Heh, love this quote in nba.com's article on Muggsy's sizeable career: the only way you'd steal the ball from Bogues is if you're a groundhog. Also I think this writer stole my quote when I called Tyus Edney the Doug Flutie of basketball - he used this term for Muggsy. I used this term MONTHS ago (and I really think it fits Tyus better since Muggsy hasn't had a comeback of sorts -- he never went anywhere!). (01/31/00)
Muggsy just had his best night in a loooong time, 22 points and even a block!. He went out with a bang - in just 10 minutes in the 4th quarter he scored 13 points... he was a shooting machine! Orlando's plan to leave Muggsy open sure backfired (remember when Garry St Jean tried that a few years at Sacto, heh heh). And even the fans in the stands are chanting Muggsy! Muggsy! (01/13/00)
I love it - the value of Bogues has been on full display on his 35th birthday. Happy Birthday, Muggsy! It's nice to see the writers coming around and realize the stories out of Charlotte were, well, dead wrong. (01/09/00)
Which will Muggsy steal first? The ball or your heart? (12/27/99)
This is cool... Muggsy has only missed ONE free throw all season. He is shooting 96%-PLUS in free throw percentage this year -- he iced 6 FTs in a row tonight to bury the Mavs. (12/30/99)
Ha, I love it -- when the Raptors played in Golden State, one fan in the audience held up a sign: Bring back Muggsy! (11/29/99)
This is a fantastic article about Muggsy and second chances in the NBA. Yet another article that refutes the Charlotte stories that Muggsy had a career ending injury. HA! Muggsy says that he feels 22 again. (11/27/99)
Who'da guessed that Muggsy is the undefeated ping-pong champ of the Raptors during the team's Thanksgiving party. (11/27/99)
I'm glad someone finally said it -- the Hive reports of Muggsy's bad knee were greatly exaggerated -- Muggsy steered the Raptors through the narrows for a tight win. And I have a new favorite writer - Chris Young. (11/17/99)
ESPN's power rankings are in -- ESPN says that the Raptors team is just better with Muggsy on the court and the Raptors were ranked eleventh! (11/10/99)
Muggsy once again has proved himself once again -- everytime he goes someplace new he is met with skepticism... and now the Raptors are believers. So far Muggsy has 21 assists with 1 turnover in the first four games. Go Muggsy! (11/09/99)
This was the sweetest win of all -- Muggsy scores the Raptors' first double-double of the season (with no turnovers) while wiping Charlotte's nose in it for sending Muggsy and Dell Curry out to pasture like their careers were over. "So there", Charlotte. There were enough great plays in this game to fill an entire highlight reel. This article sums it up - It's a play the Charlotte Hornets have seen hundreds of times, Muggsy Bogues taking the basketball in transition, passing to Dell Curry on the perimeter and Curry draining a three-point dagger that breaks open a game. It was beautiful. (11/08/99)
Muggsy is already being a veteran leader on and off the court - and we've already got a photo of Muggsy in the new uniform! (11/03/99)

Preseason stuff

Muggsy lets his game do the talking... not the media. I also love this reference to Muggsy as an electron circling the core. Anyone with an EE background knows that Muggsy definitely acts like an electron, and fills any open gap as soon as it becomes available! (10/30/99)
Cool! Muggsy had 9 assists against Cleveland. I can't wait for the season to start so all these games are picked up by DirecTV! (10/29/99)
Ok, I'm changing my tune -- after seeing Muggsy fly in his new #14 uniform, I'm kind of happy that Tracy McGrady didn't give the number 1 up. It's like a new start, and at the same time, a reminder of the beginning for Muggsy. I really like seeing Muggsy as #14! (10/18/99)
Short and sweet - Muggsy makes it looks easy to play with the big guys. Notice that Muggsy is wearing number 14 this year -- the number he had retired at Wake Forest. I think that was a cool choice since there was contention for #1 on the Raptors. And here is the first picture of Muggsy as #14 of the season... looking good! (I like the new uniforms too). (10/18/99)
Here's an interview with Muggsy about his signing with the Raptors. I think they will be a really fun team to watch this year! (10/02/99)
Muggsy will be a competitor until his career is over. (09/24/99)
It's official! Muggsy signed a one-year contract with the Raptors. I look forward to another year of his great leadership! I noticed that Tracy McGrady already has #1 on that team - he had better respect his elders and give the number to Muggs! (09/23/99)
The Raptors are still negotiating with Muggsy so hopefully I will have a reason to renew my NBA league pass soon. Hooray! Another report says that the signing should happen sometime this week. (09/22/99)
The Toronto Sun reported that the Raptors may be interested in Muggsy. That would be so cool if he gets reunited with Dell Curry! (08/10/99)

1998-1999 Season Highlights

Let the season begin

Major milestone - Muggsy crosses the 1300 career steals milestone tonight. Not even the announcers in the game knew it but I did. (04/30/99)
This past week has been tough enough on the Warriors - then Muggsy gets poked in the eye during the Nuggets game. (04/24/99)
I have a new statistical tidbit for you - Muggsy is the fifth among active players in number of assists (6359) - behind John Stockton, Mark Jackson, Derek Harper and Terry Porter. (04/05/99)
Muggsy came out like gangbusters in the first half against Utah. He had 4 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 2 steals, all in the first 6 minutes! Then PJ took him out - a move I truly do not understand - the team was really energized. (04/03/99)
Hee hee, Muggsy had a good game against the Clippers - he was his pesky ball stealing self - he was in the middle of every big Warriors spurt and almost got the tip on a jump ball. He's got a really good vertical (see some comments about that below) and I love when he surprises everyone like that. Quote from PJ: every time I thought he was getting tired, he'd come up with another loose ball. That's Muggsy! (03/25/99)
Woo hoo - Muggsy might return tonight!! Let it be so... despite his sharp dressed look on the bench, I'd rather see him running the floor again. (03/17/99)
Muggsy recovered from the pox and came off the injured list for the Vancouver game, yet didn't make it 5 minutes into the game before getting pounded in the knee (at least it was the right knee!) by Cherokee Parks. Muggsy was in a lot of pain and could barely walk off the court -- but, fortunately, X-rays came up negative after the game. (03/10/99)
This is the weirdest thing I have ever heard in a while. Muggsy has just caught the chicken pox and has been placed on the IR. What a bummer. (02/19/99)
I just gotta say that I love the Muggsy/John Starks backcourt! Even though the Warriors lost the season opener due to bad calls, (02/06/99)
Muggsy bedevils a rookie point guard in preseason play. 12 assists, 4 steals, way to go Muggs! (01/31/99)
Muggsy will be a huge draw once again. It's so nice to see him appreciated. (01/18/99)
Muggsy: not just a basketball player (01/16/99)

Lockout time ...

The business of being Muggsy. Or... how he busied himself during the lockout. He's got a new web site but frankly he should have asked ME to do his site. Mine is much better (compare them). And they even used two pictures I took with my own camera (not to mention all the photos there are available from MY site). Guess they knew where to go for the really good stuff. I'll take that as flattery. (11/28/98)

1997-1998 Season Highlights

Postseason News

Cool! Muggsy's circus shot got voted into the top TEN nba.com plays of the year. Good going Muggsy! (07/02/98)
Hooray! Muggsy's returning to the Warriors next year! Good move, St Jean! Now all they have to do is pick up Tyus Edney. St Jean certainly knows what Tyus can do; perhaps Saint wouldn't have been fired from the Kings if he'd played him properly in Tyus' second year. Anyway, I'm thrilled for Muggsy and can't wait for next season to start. Hoping for a short lockout. (07/01/98)
Well it's two hours until the "deadline" and no word out of GS about buying out Muggsy's contract, so it looks like he will be back with the Warriors next season (if there IS a season, that is!) I'm still positive that keeping Muggsy is the right thing to do. (06/30/98)

The season is underway! Here's Muggsy's current news:

Garry St Jean said today that Muggsy is part of his solid nucleus on the Warriors... so I take this to mean that they don't plan to buy out his contract and plan to keep him around to teach the young point guards the tricks of the trade. This is such fantastic news! (05/13/98)
Muggsy was a halftime guest on TBS during the Sonics game tonight. Hmmmm, maybe he will become a color commentator when he retires - wouldn't that be awesome? (04/28/98)
Here's a really nice season wrapup article about Muggsy and his popularity in the Oakland area (04/20/98)
The littlest guy in the NBA makes the biggest rebound in one of the most important games of the season. Looks like the Warriors might not lose their draft pick to Orlando after all... (04/17/98)
What a great surprise on Tax Day! Muggsy appears in his game and Tyus makes a dunk in his game! I didn't expect to see anything so exciting at this late date when the season is winding down. (04/15/98)
Bummer. Muggsy hurt his right foot last week in the game against Utah and re-bruised it Saturday night. He might miss the remaining 4 games of the season. Say it isn't so! Oh well, I have to go finish my taxes anyway... (04/13/98)
Muggsy - the fan favorite - wants to retire a Warrior . I know he will make a fabulous mentor for young point guards, and I think he'd make a good coach later. Hmmm, maybe the Warriors will pick up Tyus Edney for Muggsy to mentor next year! (04/07/98)
Heh, in a game where Muggsy gets another career block, he gets the "award" for the highest vertical leap of the game -- 34 inches! I loooove seeing Muggsy block shots! (04/01/98)
Thanks for nothing to the classless Hornets for the mistreatment of Muggsy upon his return home to Charlotte. Shame on that whole organization. (03/10/98)
The miracle man mugs again. All he knows is winning, and Muggsy shows his vast repertoire of skills as he sticks the dagger to the Knicks. Muggsy's circus shot against the Knicks was priceless. Here's the movie, thanks to nba.com! And last night Muggsy had more rebounds than Erick Dampier! (02/25/98)
Muggsy's first game against the Hornets was awesome. Both he and tony Delk played fabulously and it was obvious they were pleased to stick it to their old team. I loved seeing the glee on Muggsy's and Tony's faces after the win. The whole Warriors team seemed especially inspired during this great game. I wonder if it was support for their pals Muggsy and Tony. Muggsy got his first start of the season as Charlotte's nightmare came true . I didn't expect him to ever see him start a game again, but boy did it make a difference! Heh heh, what a sucker trade the Hornets made! (02/19/98)
Muggsy's so happy to be back he's skipping down the floor. I noticed Muggsy skipping during the game and thought it was hilarious! The Celtics had no idea what to do with him (because Pitino is too stubborn to play Tyus... he knows how to play Muggsy... but Pitino is trying to trade Billups and Barros so they get all the PT). It's so nice to have Muggsy back! (02/17/98)
Muggsy's hamstring injury landed him back on the injured list briefly, but he's just been activated again. He looked great in his first game back, and the Warriors made the offense-less Celtics look pretty silly. Unfortunately, Muggsy left the game early in the 4th quarter with a cramp in his calf. Everyone thought it would be the knee or the hamstring, but no, it was the calf! Doesn't sound like a serious injury... we all hope, anyway. The Warriors had life in them tonight and it was great fun! (02/15/98)
Muggsy -- the guy who makes his teammates better -- returns to the lineup tonight! The Warriors were 0-10 without him. It's halftime, and Muggsy looks great! (01/19/98)
Dang. Muggsy is put on the injured list the day before his birthday. He'll be eligible to come back this Friday against Atlanta, if all goes well. He is traveling with the team and working with the trainer. (01/08/98)
Muggsy is listed as doubtful to probable for tomorrow night's game. (now there's a committment from PJ! ;-). What's for sure is how badly the Warriors need Muggsy. (01/06/98)
Muggsy's sidelined with a hamstring injury. He isn't expected to go on the injured list, and is listed as day-to-day. (12/30/97)
Interesting... Muggsy seems to be on Denver's wish list for next season! (12/27/97)
Muggsy had a great game last night and proved once again that the team runs better with him steering. Muggsy played Hanzlik's offense to perfection . (12/24/97)
Last week Muggsy answered email questions via nba.com. (12/28/97)
This is huge news... and none of the papers are covering it (so I will)! In the Nov. 29 game against Houston, Muggsy became the 19th player in NBA history to get 6000 assists! He joins active players John Stockton, Mark Jackson, Kevin Johnson, Derek Harper and Terry Porter with this honor. (11/30/97)
Here's a wonderful article explaining that Muggsy's ready for a fresh start . Sounds like he will be seeing more action soon! He looks great, and the announcers have been commenting that he seems to have his "old" speed back. (11/19/97)
Could a lawsuit be coming? (11/15/97)
The divorce is final in Charlotte. It's so sad. (11/08/97)
Woo-hoo! Muggsy got in the game right away at Golden State, and he really sparked the place. The crowd was going wild (as was I) - I see a new fan favorite emerging! It was beautiful -- near the end of the second quarter, the crowd starts chanting, Muggsy! Muggsy! because they wanted him put back into the game! Then in the third quarter Muggsy starts drilling shots, first a 2, then a three. The crowd goes wild! (as did I) Now all the doubters know that the press has been really blowing this "bad knee" thing all out of proportion. The announcers are falling all over themselves, amazed at how agile and effective Muggsy is. Go MUGGS! You're awesome! Next, the Warriors need to learn how fast Muggsy's passes come whizzing at them... (they dropped a few) (11/08/97)
Garry St Jean (hope he's a better GM than a coach) says that Muggsy is a guy who can quarterback our team. Guess St Jean learned after he left Muggsy open last year and he burned the Kings with his hot shooting hand. Heh heh. I guess St Jean does learn from his mistakes! I'm really excited for tonight's game... first time this season! I'd be even happier if Muggsy and Joe Smith would be traded to Boston for Chauncy Billups and a couple of others. Chauncy doesn't fit Pitino's system, but Muggsy does... (11/08/97)
The morning after... reaction is strong in Charlotte. David Falk rips the Hornets , and rightly so. And Golden State gets a guy with a big heart. There's no bigger heart than Muggsy's! Another great article by Muggsy supporter Tom Sorensen details all the special things the Hornets are missing out on. (11/08/97)
Finally, Dell Curry sees a glimpse of how the Hornets treat their longtime players. And Anthony Mason, when asked about the trade, said, "My mother told me if I didn't have anything positive to say, just be quiet." These guys are gonna miss Muggsy giving them the ball all season, as they watch Wesley taking the shots himself instead. Glad I don't have to watch anymore. (11/08/97)
George Shinn said he'd never trade Muggsy. He probably said that about LJ too. (11/08/97)
HUGE NEWS! Muggsy is traded to Golden State! The Hornets just made the stupidest trade of all time. This was a totally political trade, giving up two great players in Muggsy and Tony Delk for overrated BJ Armstrong. We're seeing an eloquent outpouring of support for Muggsy on the Hornets Message board... come on over and give us your opinion! (11/07/97)
This author thinks that Muggsy is in Cowens' doghouse -- for WHAT? Playing 4 minutes and getting 3 assists and getting Dell Curry all fired up hitting threes from everywhere? Then Cowens takes Muggsy out of the game. Argh. I also must add that Muggsy's legs are looking very strong this year, and that there is not a hint of pain. Physical pain, that is. :-( (11/06/97)
Harumph. Just as I suspected, Cowens is blowing it. He chose not to play Muggsy in the season opener while the Knicks steamrolled over the lackluster Hornets. And I'm not the only one that notices the correlation between Muggsy on the floor and the success of the Hornets!!! I loved when the crowd was calling for Muggsy (and Cowens was still too stubborn to put him in the game). Even Granmama commented that they needed Muggsy. They're gonna get killed tonight if Wesley has to go against Marbury all night. I'm quickly losing interest in the Hornets. (11/01/97)

There was a lot of preseason news on Muggsy:

Here's a fabulous article by Tom Sorenson (my new favorite author) on believing in Muggsy. It will be very sad if Muggsy isn't given the chance to prove himself this season. (10/31/97)
Muggsy says play me or release me . I've got to agree... a similar thing is happening to Tyus Edney with the Celtics. I'm not going to have much basketball to watch this winter if this keeps up. :-( (10/27/97)
Muggsy's still not happy with the situation in Charlotte. It really sounds like he is being squeezed out... not matter how much lip service Cowens gives to the contrary. (10/27/97)
Just as I suspected: Muggsy's getting screwed by Cowens. Let's hope it's just for the preseason while Cowens evaluates the bazillion other guards he just bought. Muggsy s skills have NOT diminished but he sure is getting a bad rap. (10/21/97)
Here's a new slant on the feud: greed vs pride. This is so sad. (10/12/97)
Muggsy's playing catch-up after his late start to camp. (10/09/97)
Muggsy is medically cleared to play, and was all smiles after his first team practice. He also withdrew his grievance against the team. I thought he had a good case (although I must admit I'm not sure what a grievance really means, but I do think the Hornets treated him unfairly). (10/08/97)
WOO-HOO!! Muggsy rejoins the Hornets ! His MRI revealed no new damage, which is what the Hornets professed to be worried about. Go get em Muggs! You'll know when to stop. Wonder what's going to happen with that grievance... it does kind of suck that they caused all this commotion to find the MRI shows that his knee has not deteriorated further. (10/07/97)
Muggsy takes the MRI but there are lots of hard feelings. Muggsy also feels discriminated against by the Hornets. What a mess... he just wants to play!!! (10/07/97)
Well, it finally hit the fan - Muggsy ends holdout, files grievance. (10/06/97)
This article states that the Hornets are trying to run Muggsy out of town, and are hiding behind the MRI request in order to do it. Both sides are acting quite pigheaded over the whole ordeal, and with all the lawyers involved, I'm afraid it's going to get uglier. And even if Muggsy does play for the Hornets this year, Dave Cowens isn't going to give him any playing time, out of spite, or whatever, that seems for sure. What an awful situation. (10/06/97)
Double Whoa. Sounds like nasty games to me. Muggsy just wants to play, but it looks like lawyers and agents are getting in the way. Here's another article that says the Hornets and Muggsy are at a standstill over this MRI thing. (10/04/97)
Whoa. Muggsy's a no-show at camp's opening day. (10/03/97, late afternoon)
Here's a couple of opening-day articles talking about getting an MRI on Muggsy's knee before he's allowed to camp. This second article says that he refused to take the MRI, and this one says the Hornets and Muggsy are still feuding ! Wonder what the real deal is... In this article, it sounds like Muggsy's feeling spunky and ready to go. Let's hope the MRI results are successful, whenever they happen! (10/03/97, early morning)

Off-season Happenings:

Muggsy's back in the picture with the Hornets! Things sounded pretty tense there for a while, but this second article makes his future sound promising, as he is headed towards playing this year and then will head towards a front office job with the Bugs. I'm glad they are doing right by him! And they can still retire his number when he's through playing! (08/22/97)

As requested by the Hornets, Muggsy got a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL, on the condition of his knee, and says it's good news! He's still emphatic about playing next season, and can meet with the Hornets officials to discuss his future after his agent returns from vacation in mid-August. So there's still hope! (08/06/97)

Can you see Muggsy in a backup role? I'm not sure how I feel about it. If the injury reports are true then maybe it's for the best for Muggsy (in the long run) if he does retire. But that would be a sad day for the rest of us. Within minutes of free-agent open season, Charlotte had signed David Wesley . The writer of this article writer made it sound like Muggsy spent his season crippled and on the injured list. Give me a break. Muggsy looked awesome all season, and these guys are writing like he is a crippled old man. I should start a "should Muggsy retire" poll soon, to see what y'all think. Boy, I was presumptuous to think that Muggsy would retire from the Hornets... he might just go play elsewhere!? (07/02/97)

I am extremely saddened at this writer's opinion that Muggsy should retire . But Muggsy says he will be playing next year, whether it's in Charlotte or not. (06/21/97)

1996-1997 Season Highlights

Here's the commotion that Muggsy made during the 1996-1997 season:

Muggsy wants to play another four years! (04/30/97)

Muggsy gave a courageous effort but it wasn't enough to save Hornets playoff hopes. 19 points, 3-for-4 from three-land, Muggsy showed his guts. (04/29/97)

Hooray! Muggsy's back for Game Three!!!! Out of the gate Muggsy scores the first two baskets, and hits 7 of the first 11 points in the game! He's looking great! Thank goodness my VCR is saving this one! This team is like night-and-day with and without Muggsy. There should be no doubt after this, that Muggsy's number should be retired when he finally retires from the Hornets. (04/28/97)

Well, Game Two was a bust. The loss of Muggsy is crippling the Hornets' offense. . It's unfortunate that Muggsy's injury had to happen at such a visible time -- but he did look nice decked out in his suit sitting nexto Dave Cowens (giving advice, no doubt) during Game Two. Muggsy says he's got to play Monday . I agree, if the Bugs plan to pull this series out. They are lost and disorganized without him. :-( (04/27/97)

Hornets' hopes teeter on Bogues' shaky leg . (04/27/97)

Muggsy likely out for Game Two . It's nice to see that the press realizes how important he is to this team (even though it sucks to have a situation like this occur for Muggsy to get some press). (04/25/97)

Muggsy's heart will be put to the test tonight . Well, it was a really good effort- Muggsy had 13 points in the first half, and drained a 3 threes, but his hamstring stiffened up in the second half . Muggsy played a lot better than I expected, and looked a lot stronger, (after all the negative media coverage), so it was extra sad to see him have to leave the game. His status is questionable for Saturday's game. (04/24/97)

Muggsy practices Wednesday!!!! (04/23/97)

That pesky hamstring is still bugging Muggsy. (04/23/97)

Bogues: I'll play, even if I don't have a leg to stand on
Muggsy Bogues looked like a guy whose heart was hurting more than his strained hamstring. His voice filled with passion and his eyes with tears, Bogues expressed frustration with an injury Tuesday but vowed to play when the Charlotte Hornets open the NBA playoffs Thursday in New York. (04/23/97, © Charlotte Observer)
I am so bummed about this...

Muggsy is named comeback player of the year!!!!! (04/22/97)

Muggsy expects to be ready for the playoffs! He's been sitting out as a precaution to insure his health for the playoffs. Six hours later, Muggsy's hurt again. (04/22/97)

Hornets need healthy Bogues to beat Knicks
The Charlotte Hornets last beat the New York Knicks in a playoff game May 14, 1993. Their next chance comes Thursday in New York. The Hornets had opened the '93 series with two close losses in New York. They knew they could compete with the Knicks but, going into the last minute of the second overtime at the Charlotte Coliseum, they still weren't sure if they could beat them. (04/22/97, © Charlotte Observer)

Argh! Finally the knee is under control and the hamstring goes! Muggsy strained his right hamstring last week, and sat out for 1.5 games. I was pleased to see him back a few games later, but he only made it 16 minutes into the game, before he re-aggravated the hamstring . Muggsy will sit out this week's games, and hopes to be back for Sunday's game. (04/15/97 - 04/16/97)

Muggsy is the league assist-to-turnover leader again this season! (04/05/97)

Muggsy makes yet another awesome pass to Matt Geiger. I love it when the big fellas get all excited after Muggsy makes them look so good! (04/02/97)

Anthony Mason thinks Muggsy's a warrior. Mase is so cool! (03/24/97)

The Hornets were 22-2 when Muggsy scored in double figures this season.

Muggsy's been shooting the lights out again lately. He's scored 17 points in each of the last 2 games. Last night Muggsy matched his career high with four 3-pointers... hehehe, an announcer on the NBA Tonight show last night in the recaps had some fun with Muggsy's highlight films. The Warriors kept leaving Muggsy open -- the announcer would then declare "I triple-dog-dare you", and Muggsy'd drain the three. (03/23/97)

Trainer says Bogues injury isn't expected to be serious
It appears the Charlotte Hornets have dodged a big bullet. Starting point guard Muggsy Bogues, who took what he described as the hardest, most painful hit of the season on his already-sore left knee Saturday night in Atlanta, sustained no serious damage and may be able to play today when the Hornets face the San Antonio Spurs at 8:30 p.m. (02/24/97, Charlotte Observer)

Ouch! Muggsy's bad knee collides with Mutombo in this movie from the Feb 22 Hawks game. Boy, he was in a lot of pain there for a while... it was scary! (02/23/97)

Muggsy's been a 3-point scoring machine this season! I just love how the other teams underestimate his shooting ability and leave him wide open... then SWISH! I told you that he'd been working on his shot while rehabilitating his knee! His 3-point percentage (.453) is almost as good as his overall percentage (.479). Woo-hoo, Muggsy! (02/22/97)

As always, it's Curry, Bogues showing the way
The coliseum was beginning to fill. Music was playing. The Hornets were going through the soft, easy pre-game rituals, shooting and stretching, talking and laughing. Dell Curry and Muggsy Bogues stood looking and listening, feeling the rhythms of game night, and thought how much they love it, even after all these years. (02/07/97, Charlotte Observer)

The Tyus vs Muggsy matchup I've been waiting all my life to see! I've got some great photos of my two favorite little fellas on this page. (01/13/97)

Muggsy fakes out Tim Hardaway with a great spin move, ending up with a wide-open jumper in this movie. This was one of the best moves I've ever seen Muggsy make (and he played 39 minutes in this game too!) (12/27/96)

Bogues used Iverson like a dish towel
It was obvious Muggsy Bogues took the Sixers game personally. For nearly two months, Bogues had been hearing how quick rookie Allen Iverson was, how creative Iverson was, what a scorer Iverson was. So Bogues used Iverson like a dish towel. He matched a career-high with 24 points, as the Sixers refused to pay him any special attention on the hottest shooting night of his career. Bogues hit 10-of-14 shots and tacked on six assists and four rebounds .... (12/20/96, © SportsLine)

What a game! Muggsy's on FIRE! 11-for-14 from the field, 24 points, ties his career high, against Stat-house and the 76ers. I can't believe what a difference the acupuncture is doing for Muggsy (look below for some pics of Muggsy during his acupuncture treatments, kindly sent to me by Woody in NC). Here's the official recap of this most excellent game. Muggsy was named player of the game !!!! (12/17/96)

Muggsy's best game of the season so far... poor Gary Payton was so confused! Muggsy's shooting 50 percent from the field this year (guess we know how he passed the time while rehabilitating his knee)! (11/27/96)

Well, nobody is writing articles about Muggsy, so I thought I'd just write an update on Muggsy's knee. He's getting acupuncture three to four times a week and says that it is helping immensely. I admit that I was skeptical at first, but Muggsy has proved me wrong, and has looked just awesome in the games he's played this year. The Hornets are a completely different team with Muggsy at the helm. (11/22/96)

Hornets are OK if Muggsy's there
Muggsy Bogues might not be growing, but his legend is. Limping when he could get away with it and running when he could not, Bogues led, lifted, inspired and cajoled the Charlotte Hornets Saturday night. They responded. They opened the season with a 109-98 victory against the Toronto Raptors. (11/03/96)

Muggsy started the opener!!!! :-)
Muggsy Bogues will be back in the starting lineup for the Charlotte Hornets Saturday night when they open the NBA regular season at home against Toronto. I heard that he tried acupuncture (fed up with the MDs telling him that it would get better soon?) on Thursday and he looked great on Saturday! At the end of the game, I was worried about his knee, but he came back the next game, so I guess it worked well enough. (11/01/96)

Buzz goes out with Bogues
Without Muggsy, Hornets lose sting. If Muggsy Bogues were healthy, if his left knee had enough cartilage to keep the bones from rubbing together, the Charlotte Hornets would win at least 35 games this season. (Charlotte Observer, 10/31/96)

Muggsy's `optimistic' after 2 1/2-hour practice
"Muggsy Bogues was back at practice Tuesday, going through almost all of a 2 1/2-hour workout, but he's not yet ready to take a green light for the Charlotte Hornets' NBA opener. (Charlotte Observer, 10/29/96)

"It will be several days before Muggsy Bogues knows whether he'll be on the active roster Saturday for the Charlotte Hornets' NBA opener." The suspense is killing me! (Charlotte Observer, 10/27/96)

It's not what I wanted to hear about Muggsy's knee. :-( (10/17/96)

Heartbeat's missing until Bogues returns
This is exactly how I feel. :-( (Charlotte Observer, 10/25/96)

1995-1996 Season Highlights

Well, this section is short (ha ha, get it, short :-) ) since not much happened with Muggsy during the 1995-1996 season:

This was me 2/22/96

I waited all year for Muggsy Bogues to recover from his knee surgery. So he finally gets re-activated by the Hornets and makes it all of 10 days before he ends up back on the injured list again.

This was me 3/04/96

Now he's BACK and I couldn't be more thrilled!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I've managed to get two pictures (see below) of him in action so far this year! Hope to see many more now that he is back again. He looked great, and was pestering the big fellas like the old days! :-)

This was me 3/08/96

Boo hoooooo! :-( Looks like he is headed back to the injured list again for a spell. :-( How much torture can we take? I'm up, I'm down, I'm up, I'm down! Please come back and feel better, Muggsy!

Hers's transcript a One-on-One chat with Muggsy early in the 1995-1996 season.

Here's the headlines Muggsy made during the 1995-1996 season:

I'm bummin almost as much as Muggsy :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( (03/08/96)
Muggsy's officially injured for a third time. :-( (03/08/96)
Start of his second stint back with the Hornets (03/04/96)
End of his first stint back with the Hornets (02/22/96)
Start of his first stint back with the Hornets (02/12/96)

Muggsy's Movie Career

Here's the movies that Muggsy has appeared in so far. I would love to see him in more TV/movie appearances after he retires. He's just so likeable, and seems to have fun in front of the camera.
Space Jam . Here's a cute photo from the movie. And another . And another . And another !!! And another !!! (omigod I can hardly take all the excitement!!) :-)
This isn't quite a movie, but it is a cute commercial for NASCAR. Muggsy and Vlade in the back of a race car looks pretty funny!


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